Cosmetic Facial Surgery Torrance

Cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery is an excellent way to give the face a more harmonious and youthful appearance. As we mature, gravity, sun exposure, and disease can change the appearance of our eyelids and face.  Eyelid and facial surgery can counteract the aging changes. The doctors at Eyesthetica are very knowledgeable about the delicate tissues around the eye along with an aesthetic sense for the face soft tissue, muscle and fat, and skin.  Your treatment plan is personally tailored to your specific needs and wants, while taking into consideration your individual anatomy, gender, and ethnicity. Our philosophy is to create a refreshed look while making sure that you still look like your natural self.

For facial skin tone and luminosity, the doctors may recommend laser resurfacing. For facial wrinkling, the doctors use Botox to smooth the skin and muscles of the face. For facial deflation, we use fillers to add volume back to the deflated face which gives the face a smoother look and restore youthful contours to the eyelids, lips and face.

For soft tissue deformities, the doctors offer an array of cosmetic eyelid and face surgery which remove excess skin, repair muscles, lift soft tissue, remove or reposition fat which include:


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