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Eyelid blepharoptosis, often called “ptosis” for short, is when the upper eyelid drops from its normal position to approach or cover the pupil. Patients with ptosis may have a tired look as well as have difficulty reading or driving from the droopy eyelid. Ptosis may be congenital or acquired. Acquired ptosis occurs when the tendon of the muscle that opens the eyelid gets stretched with age.

At Eyesthetica, we treat both acquired and congenital ptosis.  We perform a careful evaluation of your ptosis to come up with your surgical plan.


There are different types surgeries to address the different amounts of ptosis.  For mild to moderate ptosis, we tighten the tendon/muscle on the inside of the eyelids with surgery with either the Mueller’s muscle conjunctival resection procedure and the Fasanella-Servat procedure.  The incision is hidden on the inside of the eyelid. Bruising and swelling will last less than one week. Dr. Dresner was a pioneer in quantification of excision amounts in both of these procedures.

For moderate to severe ptosis, we do a larger tuck through the skin side of the eyelid called an external levator aponeurotic advancement.  Bruising and swelling will last two weeks. For extreme ptosis, we perform a frontalis suspension using silicone tubes.  Ptosis repair is often covered by insurance.

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Eyelid Ptosis Torrance

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