Ophthalmologist Torrance

Located on the Pacific Ocean with more than a mile of beaches, residents of Torrance are able to enjoy sun and surf year-round. Unfortunately, time spent in the sun can cause eye and facial issues.

People looking for an ophthalmologist to address these concerns should contact Eyesthetica. Our team includes four ophthalmologists who are professionally trained in the field of oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery.

Our surgeons achieve the best possible results for each patient based on their anatomy, ethnicity and personal goals. Eyesthetica offers surgery and treatment specialized for patients of Asian descent.

Procedures commonly offered include blepharoplasty, pediatric oculoplastic surgery, BOTOX injections, correcting eyelid ptosis, eye lifts, brow lifts, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. Ophthalmology care is important within the Torrance community and patients should not settle for sub-standard practices.

Eyesthetica offers procedures in the Torrance location that preserves the natural appearance of Asian individuals, including those with Japanese, Korean and Chinese ethnicity.

Contact Eyesthetica’s ophthalmologists in Torrance (213) 234-1000 for more information.

Ophthalmologist Torrance

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