Upper Blepharoplasty

Excess skin and fat on the upper eyelids can make you look tired.  It also can block your vision.  The procedure to remove excess tissue (skin and fat) from your upper eyelids is called an upper blepharoplasty.

At Eyesthetica, our philosophy is to provide a refreshed look while making sure that you still look like your natural self.  Every person’s preoperative evaluation and surgical plan is customized based on your needs and desires, and tailored to your anatomy, gender, and ethnicity.


Our goal is to create an enhanced appearance while preserving the blink mechanism and insuring adequate eyelid closure. We accomplish these goals by employing techniques such as a customized amount of skin excision, tailored fat removal, and preservation of the muscle around the eyelids, the  orbicularis oculi muscle, whenever possible. Preserving this muscle maintains the strength of closing and blinking and helps maintain fullness in the upper eyelid with a natural, non-surgical appearance.

This procedure is appropriate for both women and men, yet they are planned and performed differently for each gender. In men the incision is usually marked lower on the upper eyelid than in women. In addition, more conservative excision of fat is recommended in men. In men, the orbicularis muscle is always preserved to ensure a full, virile look to the upper eyelid.

Insurance may cover some of upper blepharoplasty if the skin hangs over the eyelid margin and blocks the pupil or if the excess skin pushes the eyelashes downward to interfere with vision.

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